my personal advice on crohns/ibs



A fun workout can work wonders.. De-stress, Weight loss,  Confidence plus it helps to move the bowls. Make sure you drink allot of water before and after... 


Healthy Diet

I met with a dietician to help me understand the food plate. I used to eat to much meet & pasta, high carbs, no veg. Fatty Pizza, Fish & Chips, Hot Chocolates, Low water intake. I don't drink alchaol that much. I need to eat small & often and not to starve and over eat in one go. I had so many attacks so I was thankful when the doc gave me the Nestle shakes as it gave my gut the rest it needed.  



I was given Asacol, Azathioprine, Infliximab and Antidepressants.

After many years of suffering and in out of hospitals I finally had an operation  to take out the damaged part of my intestine and thankfully I have not had any  attacks since. 

If your suffering then My Top Tips are:

YOU KNOW OUR OWN BODY BETTER THAN ANYONE listen to it and watch for warning signs like tiredness and constipation...  

Get a diary and right down your attacks and symptoms. Wright down your diet and alchahol. Ask your Doctor for a Consultant and Dietitian. 

Warm Drinks and Warm Pillow, Sleep, Fitness and De-stress.