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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about M Fitness and Beauty. I hope you enjoy my site and take a moment to drop me a line.

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Why Personal Training

Kick-start your fitness with Personal Training..

Whether you’ve always dreamed of running a marathon, you want to slim down or you’d simply like to feel fitter, healthier and happier then I believe I have the knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and motivation to inspire you to hit new heights.

By developing a personalised programme for you, I will ensure that every session is focused on achieving your specific goals – not a one-size will fit all approach.  I will track your progress and keep you motivated, meaning you are certain to achieve your personal best this year. 

Why Outdoor Group Fitness?

Great Group Fun and Affordable Workouts... You will feel the benefits in no time!




About Me

My Journey...

I absolutely love fitness… It makes me very HAPPY and hope when you’re working out with me it makes you happy to. I have been told it can be infectious!!! I’ve always liked sports even from when I was a child playing football with the boys and rounders at school. Fitness has always been a stress release for me. I’m a fixer and as we all know we can’t fix everything so I often take it out in my fitness sessions! I’d like to say I’m rather fit at the moment and that’s what you would expect from a personal trainer but I would like to be fitter so I could go a few rounds in the boxing ring! I would if I wasn’t so scared of my nose being broken!!! Some of my clients will be surprised to find out that I’ve not always been this slim, my weight in the past has been very up and down my clothes sizes have changed from sizes 6 to a 16 up and down. This is because of a poor diet and Crohns disease. I was diagnosed 20 years ago and this affected my health mentally and physically, I couldn’t eat/drink properly and was often on diet drinks. Crohns disease isn’t a nice illness. I hid it as best as I could but it still affected my relationship and holidays. We all have something wrong with us so we all try to learn to live with the conditions we have and for me that meant more gym workouts, attacks and lots of visits to the hospital. A couple of years ago my life changed when I was rushed into hospital for the last time. The doctors found a camera that had been stuck inside my intestine for over a year. This actually turned out to be a good thing, because it finally showed the Consultant where to take parts of my intestine. I can now eat what I like, I have no more cramp or attacks. I try to keep a healthy diet, drink lots of fluids, keep my stress levels down and fitness up to ensure that the Crohns disease does not come back. 

I was made redundant from a bank last year after working there for 20 years + which was a blessing in disguise. I had a small sum of money behind me with the goal of becoming a Personal Trainer.   

I passed my Personal Training qualification plus some others straight away. I’m on my mission to be one of the best Personal Trainers out there and to run my own fitness gym and this would have to include boxing circuits, spinning bikes and Yoga!!!. I’m happy that I’m already achieving some of my goal by running fun PT sessions from my home fitness studio, Fun Outdoor Group Fitness sessions plus Fun M Box Fit at Norman Park, and freelancing at all of the local top gyms i.e Virgin, Nuffield, Energie Fitness. I have my determination, Son, Husband, Ex Husband, Family, Friends and the best clients ever to thank for this. 

If you want to join me in keeping fit and being happy then please do not hesitate in contacting me. Marie Walker 07973 317 147


Emma & Gym Clients


I have never really enjoyed keeping fit and struggled to get motivated. Since joining Marie's Bootcamp and training sessions   not only has my fitness levels been the best in my life now being 41!! But I have also made new friends and really  love Marie's full support and belief she installs in all her clients no matter their age or gender or fitness goals. 

Gym Clients

Virgin... Instructor of the month of December...

Nuffield Bromley Client

Just wanted to say I LOVED your spin class last night. Before I had my baby I used to spin 4/5 times a week. This is only my second week back at Nuffield since having my baby and I felt so motivated after your class! I’ll be back on Sunday! X

Nuffield Bromley Client

Brilliant HITT session this morning, thank you Marie

Nuffield Chislehurst Aqua Client

Brilliant Aqua class and have lost weight in 1 month.

Glen Reed, Jayne Saywell, Hannah Edmonds, Katie & Dena


Another great session. Thank you. Glen

Marie is brilliant, she is my favourite spin class teacher at Nuffield Health. She's lovely, I would definitely recommend her. Jayne.

Marie has just given me a session which I really enjoyed. Thank you, Marie, for your overtime, very kind and generous. I will phone if I forget all those different exercises!!! Hannah

I thoroughly enjoyed the session this morning. Dena

Thanks for today Marie, very intense session Loved It!  Katie

It took some will power to come this morning but glad I did Thank you Marie. Bootcamp Client

Sarah Whitten & Kelly


Marie is simply amazing…. She is the best personal trainer I have ever had and I’ve had a few. Marie is supportive, experienced and committed to getting the best out of you. Her sessions are challenging in a fun and enjoyable way.. she is always looking at new things for me to try and experience to get the end results I require. I train with her as a one to one and in group sessions and I love both … and look forward to every PT session/class which is something I’ve never said before! Marie focuses on me as a person to help me achieve my goals, increase my fitness levels, she ensures that my technique are always correct to avoid any injuries, she is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned. I highly recommend Marie 

Kelly - Really Enjoyed Today. Thank you.

Sharon Hawkins & Helen Holden & James Wallington


During the late summer I discovered Marie’s Bootcamp on Keston Common. Although I’m already an active member of a local fitness club, and a regular road runner and cyclist, Marie’s one hour session gave me a completely different training challenge.  In just one month with only two sessions a week, I could feel the difference in my fitness level and body strength.  It’s a fun way to train and meet people of all different ages and abilities but with one goal - to simply get fit, fitter, better. Sharon

Really enjoying Marie’s boot camp sessions and would definitely recommend them - it’s a great all round workout with a lovely group of supportive people. Helen. 

Marie's bootcamp is just fantastic and her ability to scale each station to make sure you have a full workout is brilliant. Marie is full of enthusiasm and you can fell her passion for fitness coming out in every session. The bootcamps are very social and it's lovely to be outdoors. I'd unreservedly recommend it! James

Helen Lawler & Jess Saywell


Great all round workout with a instructor determined to make sure everyone meets their fitness goals...

Keston  boot camps are good tough workouts guaranteed to get the blood pumping! Marie made sure everyone was doing the exercises correctly and working hard!!!

Keston boot camps - a great way to get fit and toned with a very motivational instructor!

I always feel I’ve earned my breakfast after a good session at Keston boot camps! Great energy from the instructor and a varied set of exercises to get me back in shape!


Anyone need any personal training or a boot camp that’s not going to cost a bomb then this is the woman for you,  Marie Walker is the best out there, she’s motivated me to get off my fat ass and work out, a 2 months ago I could run for even 2 mins now I’m smashing out spin classes, boxing and personal training, this beautiful lady has changed my life in such a short space of time Ive never had this much energy and felt this good, couldn’t be more appreciative! Can’t wait to get to my goal



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I have my own studio for personal training ..

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